Pieceprints self-adhesive overlay

Unique self-adhesive overlay images in the highest quality and easy to apply. No matter if on furniture, walls or even on a car. Everything is possible Easy application and unforgettable recognition. Here are a few examples:

NOTE: The images used (or other media files) are in the public domain as any copyright has either expired or does not exist or can be found. This applies to the United States, Canada, the European Union, and those countries with an author’s copyright lifespan plus 70 years. If an image is nevertheless protected by copyright, it will be removed immediately.

Pieceprint Originals

Here we show you how to make your furniture unique in a few simple steps!

Step 1: Remove your PiecePrint from its packaging and allow it to adjust to the internal temperature for a few hours. Keep the packing material in case you need it to create a pattern for future projects.

Step 2: Thoroughly clean the area where your image will be placed and make sure it is dust free.

Step 3: Apply a layer of chalk mineral paint or polyacrylic to obtain a base layer for the overlay.

Step 4: Once the base coat is dry, you can apply your PiecePrint!

Step 5:Turn your PiecePrint over on a flat surface so that the printed side is facing down and the white backing paper is facing up. Pull straight back about 2cm of the backing paper from both sides to create a folding hinge to hold it in place. Make a fold on the folded backing paper.

Step 6: Now turn your PiecePrint over with the print side facing up. You will notice that the top edge contains Fix -glue. Align your print with the top edge of your image and keep it straight.

Step 7: Using a lint-free cloth, press down with a wiping motion following the image gradient. Slowly pull the backing paper in the center of your PiecePrint underneath and continue the wiping motion to deposit the image. If you need to reposition it, you can. Bubbles in the print cause a noise. But do not worry – the material is designed to remove the bubbles when applying the print.

Step 8: Once the image is 100% adhered to your project, take your cloth and run it over the image to ensure uniform smoothness.

Step 9 : Seal the PiecePrint with two coats of your favorite polycrylic. Note that all PiecePrints come with a glossy finish. Regardless of which polyacrylic finish you choose, i.e. Glossy, Satin or Matte, the final PiecePrint will take on that gloss.

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You have not found the right image? Here you can order easily your own, personal image you always wanted to have.

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Pieceprints Originals

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